Brave Fire Leader Leadership Academy

Leadership ​Academy begins
Tuesday, September 20, 2022
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Brave Fire Leader Online Academy

Fast Track your Leadership Success

What is a cohort?  A cohort is a group of students working together through the same academic curriculum.

Compared to a proceed-at-your-own-pace model, a cohort invites student participation, fosters creativity, builds leadership skills, generates a sense of community.  This format proceeds at a predetermined pace.

There is NO ADDITIONAL COST to participate in a cohort!

Perfect option for current officers, future-potentials, new officers, mid-level chiefs and aspiring leaders.  There is structure AND flexibility that works with your busy schedules.  Budget friendly by eliminating travel expenses and

back-filling staff.

Brave Fire Leader Cohort Academy begins Tuesday, September 20, 2022 
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" Leadership is never more important than in a crisis"

Cohort Benefits to Leadership Success

  • Guide to enhanced on-line learning success

  • The cohort is a hybrid model to the self-paced option

  • Flexible yet a structured pace to practice the tools an attendee learns in class

  • 5 - 10 week structure to complete each level on pace

  • Each week an attendee watches 2 leadership classes

    • Classes avg. 30 min.

  • Weekly 90 minute Zoom calls on Tuesday for cohort group with instructors for Q&A, scenarios and enhanced learning

    • Note: Some sessions maybe on a Monday

  • Classes recorded

  • Network building with class attendees

  • Accountability Partners to stay focused and maximize success

  • 20 tools (10 each level) you can turn around use immediately to improve your leadership

  • Ability to connect and ask questions by email with the instructors


FOR MAXIMUM SUCCESS add coaching and mentoring sessions


  • Coach (Kelly Walsh) and Mentor (Gary Ballard)

  • $328 for 2 coaching and 2 mentoring sessions (1 per month)

          Brave Fire Leader Online Academy

Kick-Off Zoom class begins Tuesday, September 20, 2022

at 10am EST or 1pm EST (dependent upon time zones of attendees)

  • 10 Session Weekly Cohort over 2.5 months            (Combined Level I and II)

  Helps current and aspiring emergency service leaders to:

  • Use skills they already know to prevent people problems.

  • Learn key areas of focus to improve the impact of their job performance.

  • Have access to over 20 leadership tools they can take back and use immediately.

  • Engage and develop the employees working on their teams.

  • Develop a flexible style in order to lead everyone, no matter their age or style.

  • Think on a more comprehensive level about advancing their department’s success.


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