Welcome to the Brave Fire Leader Academy

There are two levels of online courses available for fire department leaders and aspiring leaders. Level one is a leadership intensive for company officers and chief officers  Level two, the leadership mastery series, comprises courses designed to provide advanced training in leadership for the chief officer and aspiring chief officer. Courses serve a multitude of purposes for different students: they are sometimes used to bridge the gap between different phases of your career or to provide additional professional training and qualifications necessary for promotional advancement. There are courses in a wide variety of subjects, from communication skills, to ethics, navigating some of the more complex problems facing people leadership, team development, time management and the skills to expand and leverage your network.


This engaging training helps current and aspiring fire leaders to: 

  • Use skills and strategies already used on the fire ground,  transformed to solve and prevent people problems. 

  • Learn key areas of focus to improve the impact of their job performance.

  • Have access to approximately 20 leadership tools they can take and use immediately.

  • Develop and engage the people working on their teams.

  • Know how to lead everyone, no matter their age or style.

  • Think on a higher and more comprehensive level about advancing their departments success.