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Registration and Payment Page for The Brave Fire Leader

Hosted by the IAFC-SW Division

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Watch our short 2 minute video to learn more.

Please choose between our different class options below!

    NCLM ​Cohort

    Fast Track your Leadership Success

    Brave Fire Leader Online Academy

    What is a cohort?  A cohort is a group of students working together through the same academic curriculum.

    Compared to a proceed-at-your-own-pace model, a cohort invites student participation, fosters creativity, builds leadership skills, generates a sense of community.  This format proceeds at a predetermined pace.

    There is NO ADDITIONAL COST to participate in a cohort!

    Perfect option for current officers, future-potentials, new officers, mid-level chiefs and aspiring leaders.  There is structure AND flexibility that works with your busy schedules.  Budget friendly by eliminating travel expenses and

    back-filling staff.

    NCLM/BFL Cohort Academy begins the first week of May, 2021. 

    Sign-Up Today!

    " Leadership is never more important than in a crisis"

    Cohort Benefits to Leadership Success

    • Guide to enhanced on-line learning success

    • The cohort is a hybrid model to the self-paced option

    • Flexible yet a structured pace to practice the tools an attendee learns in class

    • 4-5 month structure to complete each level on pace

    • Each week an attendee watches 1 class; classes avg. 30 min.

    • Weekly Zoom calls under an hour for cohort group with instructors for Q&A, scenarios and enhanced learning

    • Network building with class attendees

    • Accountability Partners to stay focused and maximize success

    • 20 tools (10 each level) you can turn around use immediately to improve your leadership

    • Ability to connect and ask questions by email with the instructors


    FOR MAXIMUM SUCCESS add coaching and mentoring sessions

    • Several coaches and mentors to choose from

    • $300 for 2 coaching and 2 mentoring sessions (1 per month)

              Brave Fire Leader Online Academy

       Helps current and aspiring emergency service leaders to:

    • Use skills they already know to prevent people problems.

    • Learn key areas of focus to improve the impact of their job performance.

    • Have access to over 20 leadership tools they can take back and use immediately.

    • Engage and develop the employees working on their teams.

    • Develop a flexible style in order to lead everyone, no matter their age or style.

    • Think on a more comprehensive level about advancing their department’s success.

    Purchase Includes:

    Level One

    How Fire Departments Train Chief Officers

    Leading vs. Managing

    Ethics and Leadership Values

    Thinking Comprehensively

    Communicate Simply & Powerfully

    Coach Approach

    Setting Expectations

    Conflict Management - Having Difficult Conservations


    Ten Commandments and How to Keep Moving Forward


    Level Two

    How Fire Departments Train Chief Officers

    Legal Liability and HR Management

    Building Resources

    Generational Style Differences

    Dealing with Politics - Avoiding Political Pitfalls

    Productive Meetings

    Time Management

    Engage and Mobilize Your Team

    Passing the Baton

     Lessons Learned and How to Keep Moving Forward



    10 CLASSES