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Brave Fire Leader Partners with TEEX

Updated: Apr 1, 2020


Leadership Program to be served to students and fire department officers

RALEIGH, NC (Jan. 27, 2020)— today announced a new partnership with Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services (TEEX) to deliver its curriculum to students and existing fire department officers through the extension school.

Last year alone, TEEX served more than 194,000 people from every U.S. state and territory and 75 countries worldwide. TEEX is recognized as a leader in the delivery of emergency response, homeland security and workforce training exercises, technical assistance and economic development.

The two companies have been in discussion after TEEX became aware of the online program and evaluated the courses delivered by, the online leadership training platform developed by training coach Kelly Walsh and former Fire Chief and fire instructor Dan Jones. The pair are recognized leaders in fire department leadership training, having trained more than 150 fire departments nationwide representing more than 650 fire officers. Walsh and Jones have been delivering live training since 2015 and in 2019 they launched the training academy online in an effort to reach departments who cannot otherwise afford the costs and/or time commitment to conduct live training for their chiefs and prospective chiefs.

The training academy is time flexible and can be accessed from anywhere in self-paced fashion and focuses on the soft skills leaders need that are not covered in most tactical training programs.

“TEEX understood that we offer practical tools and cover more nuanced topics than typically covered in tactical-only or theoretical programs. Our students get skills and tools that they can turn around and use immediately because they are derived from real-world scenarios built from more than 30 years of experience in training fire leaders,” said Walsh.

Jones added that “we do a great job of training our personnel for the fire ground but not how to handle sensitive things back at the station like politics, time management and diversity.” One thing that’s clear he said is that every response to every emergency will go well if the team is well-lead.

Robert Barron the training manager heading up the partnership from TEEX said, “I am excited about partnering with The Brave Fire Leader. The ability for the TEEX Fire Officer and Leadership Program to offer these high quality educational opportunities through this partnership will be of great value to our current and future students.”

Everyone agrees that the focus on intangible leadership skills requires nuances and tools to reinforce the growth and quality of leadership over time. The Brave Fire Leader fills a gap in the industry and Walsh and Jones have committed to delivering tools that every leader can use from each and every class.

Students who complete the program through TEEX will be jointly certified by both organizations and Texas-based students will enjoy college credit for the courses.

“So often students graduate from tactical training programs and ask, what’s next?” said Walsh. This is echoed by Chief Peter Telhia, Battalion Chief of the Austin Fire Department.
“As a 25 year veteran of the fire service, I am super excited to hear of the partnership between the Brave Fire Leader’s Kelly Walsh and Chief Dan Jones with a globally recognized organization like TEEX.”

Telhia added that fire service leadership training has been identified as something lacking in the fire service and this collaboration is what’s really wanted by fire department members. Adding that young fire service leaders are hungry for leadership training. This program is a great opportunity for them to receive the best in high performance training.

For information about how the program works or for interviews, please contact Tony Felice at 480-567-6890.


About TEEX Fire & Emergency Services

TEEX offers comprehensive firefighter training and emergency services instruction whether at the renowned Brayton Fire Training Field in College Station Texas or at customer-specified locations worldwide, TEEX offers emergency response training and instruction in over 130 areas. TEEX has been providing training since 1929 when the State Firemen’s and Fire Marshall’s Association selected Texas A & M University as the site for a permanent firefighter training school.

About the Brave Fire Leader

Since not all future fire department leaders have the time or the financial support to travel to national leadership training programs, we have created this on-line program to bring our acclaimed training to you. Taught by two fire leadership experts, Kelly Walsh, M.Ed. a Professional Certified Coach with more than 25 years of HR experience including 10 years in Mesa, Arizona Fire Department and Chief Dan Jones, Retired Fire Chief of Chapel Hill, NC Fire Department, with 41 years of experience, an award winning instructor, and , the former Editor-in-Chief of National Fire & Rescue Magazine. Combined they have more than 40 years of experience teaching and in the last four years, have taught their Fire Leadership program to hundreds of students in more than 150 fire departments nationwide.



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