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Testimonial: Brad Cox, Fire Chief of Lexington County, SC

“Being honest, I had never heard of Kelly Walsh prior to 2017. I imagine, like most of us in the fire service industry, I focused my attention on Leadership Training through more traditional sources. As soon as I read the announcement for the initial High Performance Coaching and Leadership Academy in Oklahoma, I got excited. Nearing retirement, I had been looking for that definitive leadership class for my direct staff reports. I wanted to find training that would enhance their ability to compete for my position. To say the least, I found that class! The Academy covers so many of those intangible leadership skills and abilities that we never learned, much less could practice, in Organizational Development class. Class participants dig deep into problem solving, communications, team building, empowerment, conflict management and global thinking. The class keeps you engaged through role play, scenarios and the Socratic method of instruction. My Deputy Chiefs were so taken with the Academy, we brought it to Lexington County for every officer in the department. The rate of return is incredible and is increasing each day. As a follow up to the Academy, each officer is involved in four coaching and mentoring sessions with Kelly and Dan. Having the unique opportunity to gain from the experience of these two professionals is an invaluable resource for our seasoned and newly promoted officers. Our Public Safety Director plans to expand the training to the both EMS and 911 Communications staffs. I highly recommend this Academy to anyone looking to provide “real world” leadership instruction to their department!”



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