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Testimonial: Charles Mead, Engineer/CEP Pinetop Fire Department

Updated: Apr 2

2019 Bay Area High Performance Training

“Another leadership training, the same old information just regurgitated by someone.” This was my initial thought heading into this academy, but boy was I ever wrong! Kelly and Dan are a fantastic team! They bring leadership training to a completely different level and add a view unlike any other leadership training I have ever attended. Kelly’s lifetime experience in both Fire Department Human Resource and the real-world experience add a unique twist when facing those difficult conversations that front-line Officers and your Command staff are presented with. Her presentation using “crabs in a bucket” has helped me to realize that I have potential to grow and it is vital for me as an individual and officer to do so!

Dan has the love and passion for the Fire Service as a retired Fire Chief. Yet his real to himself and those he serves attitude strengthens and causes you to look inwardly to grow into a better Officer. His genuine desire to create better leaders who consistently look to strengthen those around them and themselves is captivating.

I truly look forward to my future as an Officer in the Fire Service, and I know the tools that have been presented in these few days will stick with me throughout my time in the Fire Service. For this I thank you both! I highly recommend this course for any and all individuals looking to enhance their leadership skill sets.

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