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Testimonial: Charles Vannatter, Building Official/Fire Marshal, Wytheville Fire Department

"Virginia Fire Chief’s Academy has broadened my horizon of the importance of being a leader is not only earning your stripes coming through the ranks but the professional relationship and the things you learn as you climb the ladder of success in your career. At an early age, we all have those mentors that mold and shape us as our parents, teachers, instructors that are the building blocks for what we are now and what we will be passing on to the next generation of leaders. I am very grateful to Chief Jones and Kelly Walsh who took the time to share their experiences and how to implement change in situational issues into productive, strong, diplomatic policies to help improve employee’s performances. As someone who has extensive leadership training, including a Master’s Degree in Leadership, I can say hands down that there is no training out there for the Fire Service that reaches this level. I don’t know of anyone else in the nation that is doing what Jones and Walsh are doing and was pleased to be a part of this Academy."



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