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Testimonial: Jack McGovern, Lieutenant, Fredericksburg (VA) Fire Department

"I had the honor of attending the Inaugural Virginia Chief Officer Academy in July of 2016. Chief Dan Jones and Kelly Walsh were the facilitators for this program, and I am extremely pleased with the content of their presentations. Furthermore, the countless years of experience between the two of them allowed them to inject personal successes and trials that they had to face over the years. I have attended a number of training sessions and classes on topics that Dan and Kelly discussed at this Academy, but due to their instruction method I was able to connect the dots and make sense of my previous training. As I have told many of my comrades involved with Fire Service Management, Dan and Kelly provided me with the “link” that was missing in my proverbial “Management Chain”. I would recommend any Fire Department to invest in their Management Personnel by including Dan and Kelly in their training plan."



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