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Brave Fire Leader Academy
Self-Paced Option

Leadership ​Academy begins Monday, January XX, 2023
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Brave Fire Leader Online Academy

Fast Track your Leadership Success

Perfect option for current officers, future-potentials, new officers, mid-level chiefs and aspiring leaders.  There is structure AND flexibility that works with your busy schedules.  Budget friendly by eliminating travel expenses and

back-filling staff.

          Brave Fire Leader Online Academy

Attendee's have 4 weeks to complete all class sessions.

  • Each level is 5.0 - 5.5 hours in total with each session averaging approximately 30 minutes.

Benefits to Leadership Success

  Helps current and aspiring emergency service leaders to:

  • Use skills they already know to prevent people problems.

  • Learn key areas of focus to improve the impact of their job performance.

  • Have access to over 20 leadership tools they can take back and use immediately.

  • Engage and develop the employees working on their teams.

  • Develop a flexible style in order to lead everyone, no matter their age or style.

  • Think on a more comprehensive level about advancing their department’s success.

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Purchase Includes:

Level One

How Fire Departments Train Chief Officers

Leading vs. Managing

Ethics and Leadership Values

Thinking Comprehensively

Communicate Simply & Powerfully

Coach Approach

Setting Expectations

Conflict Management - Having Difficult Conservations


Ten Commandments and How to Keep Moving Forward


Level Two

How Fire Departments Train Chief Officers

Legal Liability and HR Management

Building Resources

Generational Style Differences

Dealing with Politics - Avoiding Political Pitfalls

Productive Meetings

Time Management

Engage and Mobilize Your Team

Passing the Baton

 Lessons Learned and How to Keep Moving Forward





1. How Fire Departments Train Chief Officers

This class introduces the students to the shifting needs of chief officers….from the reactive world of the emergency to the strategic and political world of the leader.  This is why this training is key for every leader.  Those who are ready for the next level will want to know how to get the most out of these classes and we’ll help you work to set goals that get you the results you want.

You the Leader

2. Leading vs. Managing

Most people can’t explain their leadership style or the difference between leadership and management.  It is a critical difference and to know how to lead the different people in your organization.  This class will show you how to flex your style in order to lead everyone.  

3. Ethics and Leadership Values 

The public knows, likes, and trusts Fire Departments.  How do we ensure that we deserve that trust?  We’ll show you how to keep yourself and your people in check.

4. Thinking Comprehensively 

Thinking Comprehensively is a skill that is used on the Fireground every day.  Learn how to transfer the skill you already have to solve organizational and people problems.  You will see the power of expanding your awareness and receive a couple of tools to assist you. 

5. Communicate Simply and Powerfully 

Mastering 1:1 communications is the key to better engagement, retention, conflict reduction, and accountability for your staff.  Here are simple things you can do right now to be a better communicator.  

6. The Coach Approach 

Use this communication style to draw more out of your employees.  They will experience discovery learning and learn to solve their own problems – what a great way to develop others!

7. Setting Expectations

Leaders are required to enforce an incredible amount of regulations, laws, rules, procedures, and even common sense.  Learn how to set clear expectations in an easy and effective way.  

Communicate & Connect